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omfghax 0_0 [userpic]

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: No Subject

April 22nd, 2006 (02:20 pm)
mood: awake

A friend of mine started playing WoW a couple months ago, playing a NE Hunter named Anevay for about a month before giving up. During that time she came across a very annoying LvL 11 NE Hunter named Shadowofsun...

Shadowofsun started out asking a few simple, and harmless questions about his hunter quest. Fine, no problems here. Soon those few questions about the hunter quest turned into 45 minutes of constant questions about the game. Knowing very little about the game, Anevay could barely answer anything, but was too polite to tell Shadowofsun to "Fuck Off". At this point me and my other friend Jared were playing Halo 2 while Anevay was being harrassed by the n00b, and we started to take interest....

The plan? Ruin Shadowofsun's playing experience.

Why? Because we're mean. And I think the pre-req for me joining Eternals said something about being an ass to everyone. No problems there...

***Quick FAQ before you read:

Q: Why two chat windows?
A: I use the second chat window to filter out chat in General, and yells while I read raid/guild chat (especially helpful during raids), and also its a handy way to save Tells if you walk away from your computer in Ironforge...

Q: What MODS do you use?
A: NERFED, Titan Bar, Scrolling Combat Text, CT_Raid Assist, Auctioneer

***End FAQ (if you have more questions, comment and i'll answer them).

I quickly logged on my Warlock ALT Scene on my computer. Shadowofsun had been asking about a Weapon's trainer. Anevay sent the group invite to Scene a 'helpful' friend of her's.

I quickly assembled 2 more people to help 'summon a friend' to Booty Bay.

Upon arrival, I took Shadowofsun to the Innkeeper to set his hearthstone to BB 'You will need it in a min'. There would be no hearthing back to that pretty Night Elf place anytime soon.

I quickly confirmed that the n00b underst00d what I told him to do...

I broke out the big guns to help escort him to the PvP Arena in STV, keeping a LVL 11 alive from the entrance of BB to the Arena is a whore...

Almost inside...and a little lie about the level of the mobs outside...Oh, what DooM awaits you my young friend...



Even after the rank 9 shadow bolt ate his face, he didn't understand I had killed him. He rez'd right on top of his body, and typed out his confusion, right before my Death Coil said hello.

A LVL 11 with no Hearth to anywhere, in the middle of STV? Yeah, you DON'T know where you are, do you?

Beg my pretty, beg...

At this point, he still thinks I'm taking him to the weapons trainer...How stupid do you really have to be? After the first time I died, I would have called it quits...

I swear, the weapon's master is RIGHT HERE....oh, oh no you're dead again...

I agree to 'help' him get home by opening a 'portal' back to Darnassus...Oh wait, i'm not a Mage! My mistake...

At this point, I simply abbandon him. Having no hearth stone, and being in the middle a of a 35-40 zone, he was pretty screwed. Not only that, he had never completed his Hunter quest, so he still had a LONG run back to Darnassus even if he could fine his way...

The lesson here? Never, EVER trust anyone with my guild tag, don't ask continous questions for the better part of an hour, and find a new game to play, cause you may be smart enough to zerg to 60 on your hunter, but you're not going to get anywhere after that.


Posted by: rayna_sabine (rayna_sabine)
Posted at: February 28th, 2007 10:38 am (UTC)
Hmmm...I can't hate you for what was done, can't even dislike you

I too play WoW and D&D. lol in fact our D&D group made a guild together. To me it's all social, online or table top, just because you can't actually see them doesn't mean there isn't a person there.
I have to exert extreme self-control when playing in Eversong and the Barrens, both General channels filled with ridiculous and helpless (read: brainless) pleas like How do I get rid of a pet? (LOL to which someone replied "take it behind the shed and shoot it") or Where is the Western Sanctum? ("To the West")
Simple basic info that people could find themselves if they could take the time out to read or look at a map FFS!
I don't help a single one of them and laugh so loud I'm sure my upstairs neigbors think something is wrong with me, when someone smart-asses them.
If you help someone out with easy stuff like that, what happens when it comes time for the hard stuff? Is someone going to hold there hand the whole time? Not me. I have a strict curtesy code when playing that includes whispering me directrly if you have a question you want me to answer, and talking to me BEFORE shoving an invite in my face, etc.
This entry has been bookmarked for a long time, every once in awhile I come back and read it, and it makes me feel a bit better that an idiot learned his lesson.
For anyone curious, I am a girl. A real girl, not a 400 lb mother's basement dweller. ;) (sorry the rant took off.)

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