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omfghax 0_0 [userpic]

summon imp?? the hell??

April 25th, 2006 (01:24 am)

Leveling up my Warlock I learned one thing, people are lazy. Really, really lazy.

The entire time I was leveling up my Priest I never whispered a Warlock for a summon. Ever.

As soon as I hit level 20 it was a non stop stream of "HEY CAN YOU SUMMON ME PLZ KTHX" whispers....I started with the /dnd no i won't summon you, but even that didn't stop people from spamming me "OMGZPLZ I PAY YOU 10 SILVER!"

Honestly, I would be in the middle of STV avoiding horde at ever turn, and people would get down right RUDE if I refused to summon. I honestly think some of them thought all I had to do was invite them to a party and click the "Summon Nub" button and be on my way. No, n00bs, it takes 2 other people and a god damn Soul Shard (which are a bitch to carry around and collect to begin with)...

Eventually I began messing with them, for sheer annoyance and entertainment value....

No, I don't want to summon your lazy ass...Collapse )

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